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    Event Descriptions

    Weekly Events

    Regular open events are held at the club each week and many are supported by visitors and bowlers from other local clubs. Most events involve nominated teams but individuals are always welcome to submit their names. Our games controllers will endeavour to find a partner or other team members depending on the event. The bar is open for all events.

    Wednesday Afternoon Jackpot Pairs

    This normally commences at 12.30, includes 2 games of 12 ends, and in the second game, winners play winners and losers play losers. Prizes are allocated based on the results from the second game, Sandwiches, cake or similar is provided in the 20 minute break between the games. As its name implies, a jackpot of up to $200 is drawn based on the aggregate margin on the day (win or lose you have an equal chance).

    Saturday Morning Jackpot Pairs

    This is a mufti pairs game commencing at 8.30am and is very popular throughout the year, but especially in summer when players prefer to play in cooler parts of the day. There are 2 games of 10 ends, a jackpot as described above for Wednesday pairs, and a ham & salad roll after the games.

    Night Bowls

    Both greens have lights and during the warmer months (October to April) night bowls are played on Tuesdays at 6pm. This is a social game with visitors and beginner bowlers most welcome. The format depends on numbers attending on a given night, and will usually be club selected Pairs, Triples or Scroungers, which is a well-known game in WA and becoming increasingly popular in Queensland. Scroungers is essentially a singles game with up to four players per rink and some special rules which makes the game challenging but entertaining.

    Ladies Day – Thursday Morning

    Thursday mornings are reserved for events organised by the Ladies Division but men are welcome to participate in social games. Games usually commence at 8.30am. Most Ladies’ championships are also played on Thursdays. Special events such as Ladies Fiesta and St Patrick’s Day Medley which are organised by the Ladies are usually on days other than Thursday.

    Friday Afternoon Bowls

    Practice Sessions
    Friday afternoons are mostly used by members for practice, coaching and casual roll-ups. New players and those contemplating the sport are encouraged to come along and have a practice roll between 3pm and 6pm..

    Come and Try Lawn Bowls
    October is “Come and Try Lawn Bowls” month which is supported by Bowls Queensland each year.

    During October 2023 the Nambour Bowls Club will be holding special “Come and Try” sessions each Friday afternoon between 3pm and 6pm with a free sausage sizzle provided on 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th October. Bring your family and friends along too and have a good time.

    Special Club Events

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    Special events are held periodically at the Club and include but are not limited to Open and Mixed Fours, Mixed Medleys, Ladies’ and Men’s Fours. Several of the events include cooked breakfast and lunch with 3 games of 15 or 16 ends, generous cash prizes and a bar stocked with extensive but inexpensive drinks. For more information on these events, simply provide us with your email address and we will send you a flyer as we approach each event.

    For most of the events, prizes are awarded to placings from 1st to 5th, depending on team numbers, plus round winners.

    For scheduled dates of these events please refer to our Club Events link below.

    Annual Events

    Australia Day 26th January

    This special day is celebrated annually at the Club with an all-day Open Fours event. The day commences with a barbeque breakfast at 8am followed by 2 games of 15 ends. The lunch break features a scrumptious cooked lunch followed by our traditional Thong Throwing competition. A third game of 15 ends and the presentation of prizes cap off a great day.

    Sunday Open Fours Events

    Nambour RSL Open Fours

    This event is sponsored by the Nambour RSL, and is usually scheduled for late March or early April each year. Like Australia Day it includes a cooked breakfast and lunch, 3 games of 16 ends followed by presentation of cash prizes.

    Nambour 3000

    This event is sponsored by Graham and Anne Dorreen each year (late July or early August), and like our other open fours events includes cooked breakfast and lunch. 3 games of 16 ends are followed by presentation of $3000 in prize money which includes place prizes, round wins and some random draw prizes to give all a chance to walk away with a winner’s grin.

    Scorpio Day

    This open fours event is sponsored by the Club, and is usually scheduled for late October or early November each year.  Like Australia Day it includes a cooked breakfast and lunch, 3 games of 16 ends followed by presentation of cash prizes.

    Jack Attack / Beginner Bowls

    Designed to be a fast moving version of lawn bowls, this competitive event appeals to younger bowlers, beginners and corporate bowls teams. The format includes sets of games, power plays and flexible team composition allowing for reserves and substitutions. The duration of the event is usually 60 – 75 minutes and is often played early evening to cater for full-time workers and others who may not be able to play during weekdays.

    Cullen Shield

    Each August The Cullen Shield competition brings together sides of two open four player teams to battle for the Cullen Shield, sponsored by A. Cullen & Son, Nambour’s Peugeot Dealers. The sides come from many Clubs on the Sunshine Coast to take part in the 6 week long, Thursday night series, hoping to get their Club names on the coveted shield. Pizzas start the night off, followed by games of 18 ends, presentations for nightly team winners, and an accumulation of side points toward a place in the Grand Finals.

    Ladies’ Events

    Ladies Fiesta

    This September Fours event is limited to Ladies and includes 3 games of 15 ends with lunch after the second game. Like all Fiestas in the area, it is well supported by many clubs and along with great games prizes includes generous raffle and other prizes during the day.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    March 17th is celebrated all over the world by citizens of many nations and Australia is no exception. The Ladies organise a Mixed Medley event each year and invite teams of 2 Ladies and 2 Men to enter. Guinness and dressing up in green is not mandatory but certainly contributes to the atmosphere in this event. Games of Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs, and Mixed Fours  and the included lunch also contribute to a fun filled memorable day.

    Club Championships

    Both Ladies’ and Men’s Divisions play Club Championships throughout the year, and include Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours. The Ladies also play a Consistency Competition which is essentially a singles game emphasising good drawing abilities.

    Where time permits, the Club also runs Mixed Pairs, Mixed Fours and Handicap Open Singles Competitions. For scheduled dates for these competitions, please see the Club Calendar or Event Summary. These are available in the link below.

    Inter-club Events

    Various competitions are staged on the Sunshine Coast each year and our Club takes part in most of the events. Some are organised by the Sunshine Coast Lawn Bowls District, but others are organised by Clubs and private individuals.

    District Tournaments

    Tournaments are organised by the Men’s and Ladies’ District organisations throughout the year, and some may lead into state and national competitions. Each year, predominantly in June and July, the Winter Carnival is staged across the whole Sunshine Coast area. This Carnival is augmented by many Club tournaments, attracting bowlers from all over Australia and New Zealand. Our Club helps host and organise some of these tournaments, and our bowlers participate in many of the events.

    Champion of Champions

    This District competitions pits our Club champions against those from other Clubs in the Sunshine Coast Lawn Bowls District. This applies to our Single, Pairs and Fours Championships, separately in Men’s and Ladies’ competitions. These flow on to State and National Competitions.

    District Pennants

    Each year in August and September, Clubs enter sides consisting of at least two four player teams in District Pennant competitions. The number of teams in a side depends on the division in which the side is entered, but is either two or three. The season usually lasts 7-8 weeks. The winners of each division will take part in playoffs against winners of equivalent divisions from other districts in South East Queensland and may progress to National Championships.

    Hinterland Local League

    As an alternative to some state-wide inter-club summer competitions, the Nambour Bowls Club has played a significant part in developing and organising a competition for Sunshine Coast Hinterland Clubs. It is designed to promote links between the smaller Hinterland clubs in an area stretching from Gympie to Kenilworth and the Glasshouse mountains. This competition, sponsored by Bowlers’ Paradise, is played February thru March and is limited to Hinterland Clubs. The sides include a team of Fours, Triples, 3 and 4 bowl Pairs in separate Ladies’ and Men’s Divisions.

    Sponsored by Bowlers Paradise
    Great Bowls Challenge

    This competition also originated in the Sunshine Coast and is designed to keep travel between clubs to a minimum. It is usually known as the Gr8 competition (or ‘Eights’). Each side comprises a team of Four, plus two teams of Pairs (Eight players). The area covered is larger than the Sunshine Coast and includes Gympie and Rainbow Beach to the North, Kandanga to the West, and Bribie Island to the South.