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    Corporate Sponsors

    Our Sponsors

    The Nambour Bowls Club wishes to thank the following businesses for offering financial and/or in-kind support to the Club and its members through sponsorship.

    The Club’s focus is primarily on the promotion and development of important and major events from which both Sponsors and the Club benefit by their contribution. The Club is able to accommodate a range of support services including website listing, promotional materials, signage, banners etc but especially welcomes the attendance of sponsors at event launches, trophy presentations and corporate events.

    We encourage all members and visitors to support our Sponsors and their services. Your continued support helps provide our valued Sponsors with a great return on their investment in our Club. Importantly, don’t forget to mention Nambour Bowls Club.

    We would also like to acknowledge the contributions made by individuals such as Graham and Anne Dorreen who are frequent visitors from New Zealand and support our Club and other bowls clubs on the coast.

    Government Support

    Our Club Bowls IG 1

    Major Maintenance and Facility Improvement Projects

    As a small club with limited capacity to generate sufficient capital for major maintenance and improvement projects, the Club has received excellent support through successful funding grants from various government agencies over recent years. Those projects include self-sustainable irrigation, restroom amenities and air conditioning. Acknowledgment of those works and funding agency support may be viewed by clicking the Download button below.

    Other Activities

    Community Partnership Funding Program 2020/21

    Nambour Bowls Club gratefully acknowledges the ongoing and continuous support of Sunshine Coast Council since 2011/12 under its Community Partnership Funding Program.

    Funding assistance under this program helps reduce the cost pressures on the Club and its members by reducing the financial burden imposed by the ever increasing cost of essential services such as insurance, electricity, rates and water/sewerage charges.

    This Sunshine Coast Council support enables the Club to minimise the cost of participation and to maintain its overall facilities and amenities to a high standard within the broader community.

    Recent capital intensive improvements to the Clubhouse amenities, like the 2016 Restroom Amenities Upgrade and Clubhouse Air Conditioning in 2019, were partly funded under Council’s Grants Program. Such support has also greatly helped the Club and its members deliver their community service objectives.