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    Event Results

    Weekly Results

    To Week ending Sunday July 17th 2022

    Tuesday Evening Bowls will resume around October.
    Wednesday Jackpot Pairs 13th July 2022

    Winners:Lee Lavers & Doug Tognolini  2 wins +18 in 2nd game.
    Runners-up: Robert Combes & Merv Patterson +11 in 2nd game


    Saturday Mufti Jackpot Pairs 16th July 2022

    Winners:  Gayle & Peter Thow 2w +20
    Runners Up: Joy Hatch & Joy Brown +14 in 2nd game
    Mystery Prize:Peter White & Les Groves

    Thursday Ladies’ Day 14th July 2022

    Social Game Winners Pat Baddeley, Judy Silwood, Margaret Groves, Robyn Walls

    “B” singles winners: Bev Krome def Jennifer Scotland 27/23 Fay Combes def Ann Davidson 28/22 Judy Stephenson def Sharon Baker 25/21 Margaret Groves def Susan Balasabas 26/20

    Special Club Events

    Cullen Shield September – October 2021

    This year was a special year for the Cullen Shield as it was played shortly after the passing of Gerald Cullen, who has been a staunch supporter of Nambour Bowls Club and many other local organisations over the years. He will be missed by many and we would like to express our condolences to Gerald’s family and friends.

    The 2021 Cullen Shield series was scheduled for September through October this year to take advantage of the warmer weather. Unfortunately, this time of year also means there is a greater possibility of storms. Luckily, only one week was lost to weather, and the finals were played one week later in November.

    Sides and teams from Maroochydore, Palmwoods, Woombye, Mooloolaba, Kawana, Glasshouse, Coolum, Yandina and Nambour participated this year making a total of 12 sides. Each side consists of two teams of four players. The sides were randomly assigned positions in the red and blue sections.

    The competition consists of five round robin weeks, then a finals evening in which all sides participate. The points accumulated during the round robin games determine the final ladder position of the sides in the red and blue sections. On the finals night, the top side in the red section plays against the top side in the blue section to decide first and second overall placings. All the other sides in the red section play their opposite numbers in the blue section to battle for third and fourth places.

    While the finals placings are based on the combined side scores, each night prizes are awarded to the winning and runner-up teams of four players.

    Click the button below for a copy of the Complete Conditions of Play.

    The Finals were played on 4th November as follows (based on final accumulated points in blue/red divisions):

    Final for 1st and 2nd place:

    Maroochy Magic  V Maroochy Mongrels

    Playoffs for 3rd & 4th places:

    Mooloolaba V Image Properties (Kawana)
    Palmwoods V Maroochy Marvels
    Coolum V Yantiques
    Nambour Beach V Woombye
    Waynes World  (Nambour) V Glasshouse

    2021 Cullen Shield Finals Night


    Thursday 4th November

    The top two sides, Maroochy Magic and Maroochy Mongrelss battled for the top two places based on their great performances in the five week round-robin series, while all the other sides competed for third and fourth places. Congratulations to all the players who took part on this night, but a special thanks to those who competed in previous rounds but were unable to play in the finals.

    Many thanks again to our sponsors A Cullen & Son, Nambour Peugeot Representatives, who have sponsored this and many other events and clubs over the years.

    Winners: Maroochy Magic with 119 points – John Oxenham, Roger Manning, Marianne Kuenzle, Allan Newman, John Jones, Mark Hills, Daniel Hollingsworth, Bede Connolly & Grant Howard.

    Runners-Up: Maroochy Mongrels with 72 points – Paul Newman, Dave & Rose Rixon, Shirley Cornish, Liza Burgess, Beryl Stone, Jan Sullivan and Nev Lynch.

    3rd Place: Image Properties with 120 points.

    4th Place: Nambour Beach with 115 points.

    Special Awards

    Bede Connolly of the Maroochy Magic side was awarded the Ken Ahlstrom Trophy for nomination as the best player in the final between Maroochy Magic and Maroochy Mongrels. Congratulations Bede.

    Winners: Maroochy Magic
    Winners: Maroochy Magic
    Runners Up: Maroochy Mongrels
    Runners Up: Maroochy Mongrels
    Best Player in Final: Bede Connolly
    Best Player in Final: Bede Connolly

    2021 Ladies’ Fiesta


    Tuesday 14th September

    26 teams of four Ladies participated in this year’s Fiesta in glorious spring conditions, playing 4 games of 10 ends. As usual morning tea and a two course lunch were enjoyed by all.

    Winners:H McLynn, Loretta Searchfield, P Claridge, Sue Kuskey

    Runners-up:Ellen Woodward, Jan Parks, Jill Lougheed, Joy Calder

    Third: Deb Dalliston, Merril Ahern, Aileen Duckett, Jenny Blundell

    Last Round Winners : Kimberley Raine, Sandy Wilson, Di Hickey, Kerrie McKenzie

    Mystery PrizeHeather Abraham, Robyn Walls, Sharon Baker, Gayle Morton

    Club Championship Results

    Club Championships –  2022

    Ladies’ Division

    Ladies 4’s Championship

    Final: Joy Hatch (s) Gayle Morton, Joy Brown, Kerrin Cook def Dorothy Kelly, Faye Combes, Sharyn Firth, Heather Abraham

    Men’s Division

    Men’s Singles Championship

    Final : Peter Nixon def Allan Owen

    2022 Championship Summaries


    Past Years Champions

    Click the appropriate year for a summary of the year Championships (PDF):

    Inter-Club Events

    Hinterland Local League (BPHLL) 2022

    The 2022 season commenced Saturday 5th February. The competition is again sponsored by Bowlers’ Paradise and this is much appreciated by all participants. Further sponsorship is to be organised by SUPPORT2U, a local community business providing disability support services throughout the Hinterland including the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Cooloola areas.

    This year, 10 Ladies’ and 14 Men’s sides are participating, giving an 8 round competition played over the 8 weeks ending 26th March, one round being played each Saturday.

    As the competition progresses, please click on the button below to download or view the Points Table, which will show the points and prize money accumulated each week.

    The button below gives you access to the Ladies’ and Men’s Points Tables at the end of Round 8. Please note that the men’s results are sorted by total points and prize money rather than within section.

    Congratulations to all sides for contributing to a great series, but especially to the Nambour  Men and Mapleton Ladies sides for emphatic wins.

    To view or download the Conditions of Play, the Draw or a Results Sheet for this year’s competition, click the appropriate button below.

    To view or download printable scorecards for Men & Ladies in PDF or JPG form, click the appropriate button below. Our thanks to Wayne Knetter of Woombye for developing these scorecards and making them available for us to use.

    Great Bowls Challenge (Gr8) 2022

    Previous years, since its inception in 2016, Nambour Bowls Club has entered Men’s and Ladies’ teams in the Great Bowls Challenge (known as the Gr8) and has been successful most years. This year, however, Nambour players have opted to concentrate on the Bowlers Paradise Hinterland Local League.

    The competition features sides of eight players comprising two teams of pairs and one team of fours, all teams playing 21 ends. The competition includes teams from Rainbow Beach, Gympie area, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland, Bribie Island Clubs and North Brisbane areas.

    The competition usually runs for 6 – 8 weeks during February and March each year.

    Full details, results and draws are available at the Gr8 website, click below.

    District Pennant 2020

    Men’s Pennant

    Nambour has teams in Divisions 1, 2 and 7 in this year’s Sunshine Coast District pennants.

    Round 1 (1st August)
    Div 1  Mooloolaba def Nambour 7-2; Div 2 Nambour def Buderim 7-2; Div 7 Maroochy def Nambour 7-1

    Round 2 (8th August)
    Div 1 Nambour def Tewantin-Noosa 8-1; Div 2 Maroochy def Nambour 8-1; Div 7 Nambour def Coolum 8-0

    Round 3 (15th August)
    Div 1 Coolum def Nambour 8-1; Div 2 Woombye def Nambour 8-1; Div 7 Nambour def Pelican Waters 7-1

    Round 4 (22nd August)
    Div 1 Nambour def Buderim 9-0; Div 2 Nambour def Mooloolaba 8-1; Div 7 Nambour def Palmwoods 8-0

    Round 5 (29th August)
    Div 1 Nambour def The Waves Caloundra 9-0; Div 2 Pelican Waters def Nambour 8-1; Div 7 Nambour def Tewantin-Noosa 7-1

    Round 6 (5th September)
    Div 1 Nambour drew with Kawana 4.5 pts each; Div 2 Nambour def Coolum 9-0; Div 7 Nambour def The Waves Caloundra 8-0

    Round 7 (12th September)
    Div 1 Club Maroochy def Nambour 8-1; Div 2 Club Kawana def Nambour 9-0; Div 7 Nambour def Club Kawana 8-0

    Division 7 Finals

    Congratulations to our Nambour players who  played in the Division 7 final at Woombye on Saturday 19th September at 1pm. They met the winner of the playoff between Club Maroochy and Tewantin-Noosa which was won by Club Maroochy.

    In the final Nambour and Club Maroochy won one rink each, but Nambour went down on aggregate by a margin of one after leading up until the last end of the final.

    Congratulations to the Nambour Finals players shown in the picture.

    These are John Scotney, Lex Campbell, Lyle Gibson, Max Middleton, Bob Heir, Matti Savimaki, Gerry Peterson & Glen Colley.

    Thanks also to Lee Lavers, Terry Hall, Jack Ingham and Eric Sprules who played in the side and  helped to get the side into top place.

    For complete results please visit the SCDMBA website using the button below.

    2020 D7 Team

    Ladies’ Pennant

    Nambour has teams in Divisions 1 and 3 in this year’s Sunshine Coast District pennants.

    Round 1 (1st August)
    Div 1 Maroochy def Nambour 9-1; Div 3 Maroochy def Nambour 7-1

    Round 2 (8th August)
    Div 1 Nambour def The Waves Caloundra 8-2; Div 3 Nambour def Woombye 6-2

    Round 3 (15th August)
    Div 1 Mooloolaba def Nambour 10-0; Div 3 Nambour def Coolum 6-2

    Round 4 (22nd August)
    Div 1 Tewantin-Noosa def Nambour 8-2; Div 3 The Waves Caloundra def Nambour 8-0

    Round 5 (29th August)
    Div 1 Kawana def Nambour 8-2; Div 3 Mooloolaba def Nambour 6-2