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    Club Calendar

    Coming Soon

    Mixed Pairs Championships

    This is scheduled for November, and the nomination sheet is displayed on the notice boards. Nominations will close at the end of October.

    Scorpio Day

    This event is scheduled for Sunday 25th October, and is an open fours event comprising 3 games of 16 ends, cooked breakfast and lunch.

    To view or print a flyer please use the button below.

    Complete Calendar

    As soon as possible, a complete calendar for the coming year’s events is developed and provided here.

    However, these schedules may change due to inclement weather, additional events, and other events outside our control,.

    For the most up-to-date Club Calendar, please click on the button below (Updated 27th August 2020).

    Event Summary

    An event summary has been developed which provides a list of most of the special non-weekly events scheduled for the year. It details the dates for Championships, Open Fours Events, Special Ladies’ Events and Multi-week Competitions. To view or download please click on the button below (Updated 27th August 2020)..